Describe the type of student who should attend Byron Nelson High School. Why?


Anonymous, Student, Byron Nelson High School, Class of 2017

A self-competitive, ambitious, naturally intelligent and creative student should be the kind of student to go to any high school.

Any effective worker functions like someone who is starving- someone who needs what they're working for- someone who desperately and actively seeks self improvement and uses an eclectic mass off resources and whatever tools on hand to achieve their goal or assignment. The perfect student is the one who thinks of nothing but school. They're boring. They are absolutely horrible socialites- but amazing essay writers and masterful mathematicians. They are who is afraid of making a mistake, and takes special care in each step not to overthink or under-think the task at hand.

This student is a varsity athlete, a student counsel member, and forthright with whatever they do.

The student who should go to my school is the person I hate and envy for their success. They inspire me to become someone better than even they are. They are person who not only performs at a perfect level, but constantly improves themselves by inventing new methods and technologies to make themselves a more efficient student.

But they also understand why they are performing at such a caliber. They have a goal in mind. They think of nothing but that goal. They know their purpose, their niche, in this ecosystem of a school.

This student would understand the struggle of the individual. They would understand themselves more and more each day, and be thinking ahead with how they should be better.

They listen to you when you say something to them. They respond whole heartedly. They hold no grudges. They don't impose on others about their greatness, but educate others on how to become their better selves, without sounding rude or pretentious. They are healthily self-conscious and graceful.

They improve themselves and the people around them, inspiring them to do the same. They procure happiness and satisfaction in others and within themselves. They accomplish their goal, and make new ones with their growing interests and opportunities.

They are who we all wish to be and all adults wish they had been.

Anonymous, Student, Byron Nelson High School, Class of 2016

Type of student that should attend to Byron Nelson should be anyone that will love to continue their education and have good grades every six weeks. Also students that are responsible for themselves and take things serious to go do college and have a good future. Students that are hard worker and stay in school, should attend Byron Nelson High School, because we don't want no one do drop out or keep going the same grade. Any students that will love to have a bright future should attend Byron Nelson High School with good classifications.

Anonymous, Student, Byron Nelson High School, Class of 2016

Byron Nelson High School is full of unique classes to prepare students for life beyond primary and secondary education. Students who attend Byron have the opportunity to apply to be in a career focused academy, to learn more about their passion and see if it is an area in which they are truly interested in. Byron houses three academies, the Academy of Biomedical Sciences, Culinary and Hospitality, as well as a Business academy. In addition to the academies, Byron offers a wide range of classes, in both elective and core classes, such as: Pharmacology, Floral Design, and Anatomy and Physiology. Along with the great diversity of class options, it is also a school where students are academically driven, while maintaining a competitive spirit through sports. Students that seek to do well academically, and are driven whether it be in the arts, sciences or even agriculture, find that Byron has an enjoyable atmosphere where it is easy to fit in and find a welcoming spirit, unlike any other.

Anonymous, Student, Byron Nelson High School, Class of 2017

The type of student who should attend Byron is one who knows what they want. Someone who will work for that dream.

Anonymous, Student, Byron Nelson High School, Class of 2016

The type of student that should attend Byron Nelson, would be a student who would want to excel in all educatonal areas throughout high school and would not have to worry about the stress of your fellow students or teachers tearing you down. Byron Nelson is the high school to go to if you want to get a head start to be college ready because of the fellow teachers and students that go there will support you throughout all four years of school.

Anonymous, Student, Byron Nelson High School, Class of 2016

Students who want an abundance of opportunities should attend Byron Nelson High School. Because it is in an affluent area, the taxes paid to the school are high and fund the sports, clubs, and other extra curriculars.

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