Describe the type of student who should not attend Millbrook High School and explain why.


Anonymous, Student, Millbrook High School, Class of 2016

I believe the worst type of student who should not attend Millbrook High School is a passive-negative individual. This person sees conflict, understands they should take action, but turns the other cheek to avoid personal harm. Millbrook High School should be seen as a team of students-- not a school of individuals fighting for personal success. I believe that each and every student should look out for one another and never allow corruption to puncture the healthy membrane of the team. I would teach the leaders of the school to swing the negligence of the passive-negative individual into the flexible, self-confident active positive individuals the school needs. When operating in a team, no one wants one individual to not play their part in serving the greater good. If I were a member of a space mission, I would not just frown upon the person dazed by the newness of outer space, I would entice them to pull their weight for the team and conduct their jobs to the best of their abilities. These passive-negative individuals should not be part of a space mission or part of the Millbrook High School team; they serve little to no purpose in the benefit of others, and they destroy the justification of working in a team. I want individuals with positive energy and solid integrity to roam the halls of Millbrook High School, I want students that will drop their books to protect a fellow student from harm, and I want kids to feel like they are motivated by the greater good of the team. A passive-negative person does not belong in the Millbrook High School team-- only students with the ability to contribute information, help, or protection to their peers.

Anonymous, Student, Millbrook High School, Class of 2016

A student who does not like large schools. One who is not willing to be a maniac and excepting others.

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