Describe the type of student who should not attend Florida Atlantic University and explain why.


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If you are someone who doesn't believe in chasing opportunities to better yourself and the people around you, then I don't believe FAU is the school for you. FAU is a rapidly growing community, it has a modest fraternity sorority community and many wonderful opportunities for someone who is committed. But if you are not prepared to work your butt off, to go out there and make the effort to meet new people and do new things then you simply will not enjoy your time at FAU, or any school for that matter.

Anonymous, Student, Florida Atlantic University, Class of 2019

Students who refuse to go to class, study, and show up for exams should not apply. FAU is, first and foremost, a school. Everyone's main goal here is to learn as best as they can.

Anonymous, Student, Florida Atlantic University, Class of 2019

The type of student who should not go to FAU should be one that is there to mess around and not take their education seriously. Also a person who is rude and finds pleasure in hurting others should not attend FAU.

FAU Guy, Alumnus

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Students with low GPAs will probably not have a shot as FAU's average goal GPA is 4.0 for Fall 2016, as it has been rising steadily every year.

Anonymous, Student, Florida Atlantic University, Class of 2015

Any student who is looking for a great education with an even better student body/ faculty should attend Florida Atlantic University. The faculty members are all well versed in what they are teaching while passionate as well which keeps the students interested. The student body has so much spirit it is impossible not to get spirited as well.

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