Describe the type of student who should not attend Notre Dame Academy and explain why.


Anonymous, Student, Notre Dame Academy, Class of 2016

A person who should not come to Notre Dame Academy is a person who does not value the education the school offers. If schooling is not someone's primary focus and want to tackle life by other means, this institution would not offer them much. A person who finds it difficult to adapt and be flexible, then coming to this school would be difficult for them to manage. A student must be willing to adjust some aspects of their lives such as prioritizing what matters most, and putting great effort into their tasks. School does not stay in the building, but should come home with a student as well. Learning by oneself is key to success in many areas. Some skills are self-taught and one cannot rely on others for their entire lives. Independence is very important also. Students need to rely on themselves and be able to handle some tasks individually. The teachers at Notre Dame are very helpful, but for the student's sake, there is a limit.

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