Has gender equality been, for the most part, achieved in the United States? Are there any laws that can be passed or steps that average citizens can take to support gender equality?

I've read articles from feminists that argue that men aren't completely dominant anymore and others who argue that they are. I don't know what to believe.


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Gender equality has not been achieved in the U.S. Although some claim we have equality, it's only be comparison to far more dire situations women find themselves in in other nations. Here are a few spaces to consider the ever-brimming gender-gap women (of all races, orientations, and abilities) still face:

LACK OF EQUAL PAY: Women in America make far less than their male counterparts for the same jobs. White women make about 0.75 to the dollar of men who have the exact same job, while black women make about 0.64/dollar, and Latina women make about 0.56/dollar. This is just the fiscal approach to seeing inequality in the job. Further, the micro-aggressions of sexism can be seen beyond the paycheck and into the coded harassment women endure everyday from their colleagues, with no means of being protected from it. Another important comment to highlight the rampant sexism still present is that every single male republican in Congress voted AGAINST equal pay laws.







PHYSICAL VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN: 1/5 women in the US have been or will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime. Further, the more famous the man is, the more likely he is to get away with sexual violence and domestic abuse.




INSTITUTIONAL INJUSTICES: There are many foundations and activists who fight within different sectors to at least illuminate the continual inequality women face in a given sector. My favorite right now is VIDA, which does strict counting of where women are underrepresented in the literary community.


For a contemporary understanding, Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign has had many instances of sexism. Here are a few articles on that:





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