Describe the type of student who should attend Yavneh Academy of Dallas. Why?


Anonymous, Student, Yavneh Academy of Dallas, Class of 2018

Students who want to have a serious Jewish education and high standard general education at the same, this school is for you!

Anonymous, Student, Yavneh Academy of Dallas, Class of 2016

When thinking about this question as a senior, I can't help but answer as if I were a freshman, and then I realize the abstract shift in the ideal Yavneh student from someone who likes to work on campus -- whether working means editing the school newspaper or playing for the varsity basketball team -- to someone who relishes, writing articles, painting spirit club posters and practicing theater group monologues into the night, just some of the activities Yavneh students partake in. Our school was founded on the principle of creating lifelong unity with others, a goal, I believe, only achieved through treating school like a community that excites and surprises, a community that all students yearn to put their hands in, no matter how little they influence it.

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