Would you recommend attending Convent of the Visitation School if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, Convent of the Visitation School, Class of 2018

I would recommend to anyone to come to Visitation. This school is so warm and inviting, and we have so many clubs and sports that anyone could fit in and find a group of friends. Each person to attend Visitation is a part of our community, even more so, family. You can neither fathom in words the kind of serenity and joy of Visitation, nor understand the amount of love each student at Visitation has for the school. However to attend Visitation, you must be willing to work hard and be prepared to be pushed out of your comfort limits in order to reach your full potential. Our school is not scary, teachers are always available to tutor and help you. You are never looked down upon. Each grade is so close that our school welcomes everyone to come and visit, and promises that you will enjoy your time here.

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