How do I envision the future in relation to technology?


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I'm wondering if this is an essay topic as well, as Will mentioned. If this is the case, my goodness, there are so many directions you could go with this! It also depends if the assignment allows you to respond in more creative ways, or expects a standard five-paragraph essay construction. As stated, this is a pretty broad subject.

Nonetheless, what about thinking in terms of the past in order to frame the present and envision the future? Maybe you can select a specific technology and follow it over time. Take the TV. Before TV, there was radio. Before radio, there was print. But after TV, we now have streaming media and the internet for entertainment delivery. And our cell phones, tablets, and even our vehicles now deliver media and entertainment content to us wherever we are! From having to buy a newspaper to get the day's news to streaming news in our vehicles in a relatively short timespan of human history. Where will we go from here? What will the TV become by the time you are 50 years old? So many options. You could pick any technology to focus on - in fact, that might be a more fun and more productive approach - focus your research.

Broad subject questions can often cause students paralysis of thought - with so many potential directions, where to go? I often find that students benefit from focusing. Narrow the umbrella of the topic down to a manageable subtopic that you are interested in!

You can do this!

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To chime in on the this good advice, I would actually suggest you freewrite for ten minutes about this question to see what you actually have buzzing around in your brain about the topic. What did you think technology would be like when you were little? What are you hearing about now that sounds interesting, e.g., driverless cars? This way you can start to see what interests you and may help you find the focus you are being advised to find. And perhaps you can use some first person account in your essay in the introduction to engage the reader. If I were writing this essay, I would talk about watching the Jetsons as a kid and describing what actually came to fruition!

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If this is an essay prompt, my advice would be to consider the question carefully. What are your thoughts? Why do you feel that way? Once you have some ideas, jot them down and try organizing them into an outline. Then get started on a first draft!

For more ideas and advice, take a look at Noodle's writing resources. Here are a few articles that might help:

Good luck!

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