Which 3 extracurricular activities at Eachieve Academy - Wisconsin are most popular? Which extracurriculars would you recommend?


Anonymous, Student, Eachieve Academy - Wisconsin, Class of 2016

At eacheive, we go to different schools to participate in extra curricular activities because eacheive is an online schol. But the most poplular activities in my area are definetly basketball, football, and volleyball. However, I highly recommend cheerleading and Mock Trial. These activites both tewch discipline and have their own personal advantages. In cheer, you compete and perform at football and basketball games, giving you performance experience and you know how to use your voice. Cheer was a really nice extra curricular for me because it helped strengthen my muscles while not over exerting them. I do struggle with my muscles because they are all hyperextended, meaning they move around too much. So cheer really helped to strengthen my muscles, while learning to deal with (smile through) the pain i was feeling. Similarly in Mock Trial, I also developed public speaking skill but had to speak alone in front of a crowd, while also having to change my words as more information was given. In Mock Trial, we had to act, and both direct and cross examine a witness on the stand. So if the witness (actor) didn't say what I was expecting them to, I would then have to come up with something else to say, because how they answered would affect me and what I was saying. Mock Trial also constantly kept my mind moving while learning new things about law. So for anyone considering going into law i HIGHLY recommend it. You learn so much to you can take with you into law school.

Anonymous, Student, Eachieve Academy - Wisconsin, Class of 2018

I will be attending aAchieve in the fall, last year I was enrolled to Mukwonago High School so I will talk about their exracurriculars as well as what I know about eAchieve. The most popular at Mukwonago are probably S.A.V.E, students against violence everywhere, Football and the drama club, but the ones I personally would recommend would be a foreign language, because it looks good on college applications and may help you get a wider range of careers, a music group, like orchestra or band, because music is a fun way to earn your credits and you can win scholarships through music. Lastly I would recommend the Best Buddies club because it can help you make new friends and do something nice for someone. As for eAchieve, the most popular may be student counsel, yearbook and possibly an art class like web design and painting. I do not know exactly what I would recommend since I have not had any experience with the school yet, but I will be taking German lll, and life skills as extracurricular classes, and in the future I plan on taking a class to learn more about computers and technology.

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