Would you recommend attending Dudley High School if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, Dudley High School, Class of 2016

I would definitely recommend The Great James B. Dudley High School to any student because this school is not just filled with one race, but with more than one, and you get to experience a lot of things in the school environment. And as a bonus, Dudley has an early college program where when you're done with all the credits you're done with high school, you could go to a college and take classes there to transfer into a college with your credits. This occurs when you're in the senior year, where you spend it on a college campus.

Anonymous, Parent of student at Dudley High School

I would recommend students to attend Dudley High School for more than one reason, but one reason is for heritage. Dudley is the first African American high school in Greensboro NC and many prominent people have graduated and done great things in society. Joey Cheek, who is Caucasian, graduated from Dudley and won the Olympics in speed skating, and he is just one person who made a mark in the world.

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