I have an 11 yr old boy who has not learned to read or write . . He is ADHD and INTELLECTUALLY DISABLED MODERATE. He doesn't listen to me . I am his mom. He does talk a lot but not always properly. He does have appropriate motor skills for his age. He is at a 5 year old level in school. Can u help . I am desperate for help?


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SVCHOST.EXE is one of those mysterious processes that constantly runs in Windows and is utterly essential, yet you never know exactly what it is doing. Check this article here

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Dns probe finished bad config error is not that uncommon, and it can be seen on all versions of Windows, so it’s no wonder to see this error on Windows 10 as well. check this article here

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Full solutions to help you fix 'Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart' issue in Windows 10. Try them one by one to get rid of the unexpected system crash or blue screen of death and make your PC boot and work properly. If any important files get lost, try EaseUS data recovery software to get them back. check this article here

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So you have a shiny new Android cellphone. You changed the background, purchased a case which you enjoy, organized your house displays...you know, left yours. Then somebody calls. Why in the world are you using an inventory ringtone? Get this from this--it is time to not just make it seem like yours, but seem like it also.ls. How to set custom ringtones in your Android phone

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