Describe the type of student who should attend Greenville College. Why?


Anonymous, Student, Greenville College, Class of 2017

There are two ways a student can attend Greenville. First, one can attend on-campus. Someone choosing this option should like a small, Christian school, where everyone knows everyone else. S/He should also like a very-small town atmosphere.

The second way is an online student. That's what I am. Greenville's online program is for a student who wants a structured learning situation but is OK with not having the class-room experience. Since the courses run on the regular university semester, with other students in the online classes, it works well for anyone who prefers proceeding at a set pace and has the ability to meet such a schedule. But it also is good for the student who wants to share experiences and ideas with classmates. The education master's is set up to be done by those currently teaching. Because the school sends out textbooks, it is best if the student is in the U.S.

Finally, compared to other graduate programs, Greenville's is relatively inexpensive (although it costs over 50% of my last year's salary, and I am now unemployed, so for me it is still not cheap). So a student who is looking for a relatively cheap but fully accredited MA program, Greenville offers a good option.

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