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Describe the type of student who should attend John F Kennedy. Why?


Anonymous, Student, John F Kennedy, Class of 2017

Students that are willing to work hard to really learn and succeed are great candidates for our school. Good grades come with dedication and perseverance, and students with such traits will be met with great achievements at John F. Kennedy. Our school fosters not only intelligence, but also preparation for the real world. I have learned many social skills through my teachers and my peers, and i feel that any student at JFK would be able to say the same

Anonymous, Student, John F Kennedy, Class of 2019

If you are a student that is outgoing, maintain good grades and have a lot of spirit then you are the perfect student to attend John F. Kennedy High School. The students that currently attend Kennedy will accept you and make you feel comfortable in our high school. John F. Kennedy maintains great a staff and teachers that are ready to help you with your studies, financial needs, etc. This school has great sports team and hosts many amusing spirit assemblies.

Anonymous, Student, John F Kennedy, Class of 2016

The type of student that should attend John F Kennedy should be willing to participate. It can be anything: Key Club, Basketball, MESA, Checkers Club etc. Kennedy is all about getting involved. Being involved at Kennedy can make the whole high school experience much better. So many students at Kennedy are involved in extracurriculars on campus that getting involved can make making friends and finding friends you have things in common with much easier. As a freshman, I wasn't involved in much. In middle school, I didn't do any extracurriculars and remained reserved. However sophomore year, I began branching out and joining clubs. I even eventually became the Vice President of Key Club! As a senior in high school, when I reflect back on my past four years, I realized that over half the people I'm friends with are because I joined I got involved.

Anonymous, Student, John F Kennedy, Class of 2016

A student who wants to learn and is dedicated to their academics should attend John F. Kennedy. This student should be prepared to participate in class projects, groups, and student events. This student should also partake in one of John F. Kennedy's sports programs.

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