What was a typical Seton Hill University student like in high school? Describe the type of person that should attend Seton Hill University.


Anonymous, Student, Seton Hill University, Class of 2016

The typical Seton Hill University student in high school was a friendly busy student. Everyone at SHU is involved in something they're passionate about whether that's a sport, theater, or another type of club. We don't have fraternities/sororities, but that's not a problem because everyone finds some sort of group in which they belong and feel comfortable. The most popular response to what students/staff like about Seton Hill is the people. Everyone is extremely willing to help in any way that they can, which is comforting when you're living on your own for the first time. Being able to be so close with your professors and other people at the school provides students with a unique experience where you receive a great amount of personal attention and get a very personalized college experience. This feeling on campus stems from the students, which is why I think SHU students in high school would be the passionate involved busy friendly ones. If had to give one label, I would say the Homecoming King and Queen of a high school would be good fits for Seton Hill, but also anyone that appreciates personal attention and not just being a number.

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