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What percent of Ewing graduates head to a four year college or university within two years of graduating?


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The best way to get very specific information on what students do after graduation is to call Ewing High School at (609) 538-9800. Either the school's office, or the someone at the district office, should be able to give you an accurate sense of how many students attend college within a few years of graduating.

I can tell you that, on its Noodle profile, Ewing has a somewhat strong outcomes score. Among the factors involved in a school's outcomes rating is how many students attend college within six years of graduation.

You can also find some statistical information on the student body and enrollment here. According to US News, Ewing does a better-than-average job of preparing its students for college.

Feel free to ask a follow up if this doesn't tell you everything you need, or if you just have more questions! Best of luck!

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