What was a typical University of North Dakota student like in high school? Describe the type of person that should attend University of North Dakota.


Anonymous, Student, University of North Dakota, Class of 2019

A typical student is one who does well in school and has an interest in something that is available for study at the University of North Dakota, such as aviation or a science program. Additionally, they are someone who enjoys living in North Dakota.

Anonymous, Student, University of North Dakota, Class of 2016

Although it is hard to encompass what all University of North Dakota (UND) students were like in high school, it is easy to expand upon some generalities that I have gathered through conversations with others on campus. Most students at UND enjoy sports, whether it be basketball, volleyball, football, or hockey. Not all students played sports in high school, although some did, yet most simply like watching and embracing the atmosphere. Another characteristic of many students at UND is their dedication to their studies and the desire to work hard. From my experience, a wide majority of students at UND come from areas within the mid-west region, where a hard work-ethic has been engrained. That is not to say that students outside of this region do not work hard, but rather that it is a norm at UND. In general, the University of North Dakota is a welcoming institution that is open to receiving a wide range of students. There is not a set of characteristics that must be filled in order to attend UND, rather just a desire to engage in the activities going on around town and campus, as well as the dedication to work hard in school. Additionally, it might be wise for students interested in coming to school at UND to consider the weather, as Grand Forks is known for it's cold winters.

Anonymous, Student, University of North Dakota, Class of 2018

There is so much diversity it really doesn't matter what kind of person you are. This campus accomadates for all and is great for all

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