What is a typical Rosemont High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Rosemont High School.


Anonymous, Student, Rosemont High School, Class of 2017

I can't really describe typical student that goes to Rosemont. We all have different personalities and things that we like. There's not so much the stereotypical cliques. Everyone for the most part gets along with everyone. Since we're in a community that has sports everyone has grown up together since birth till now and we all sort of stick together. If I were to try to describe a typical person who goes to Rosemont it would be doing injustice to everyone. We're all different and if it's a good thing, because it makes going to Rosemont fun. Meeting people with different personalities than yourself makes "the high school experience" better. I believe that a lot of people who go to Rosemont I genuinely nice. I surround myself with people who are motivated and they want to do something they want to be somebody in the future. A lot of people a positive, involved, and want to shoot for the stars. A lot of people are compassionate and want to help others. So I'm sorry I couldn't answer this question, because people who go to Rosemont are unique in their own way. It would be wrong for me to try to classify them into group ,when we are so much more.

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