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Describe the type of student who should not attend Sierra College and explain why.



A guy who is taking advantage of the scholarship and not even show up and not care about college. It's going to be a waist of money. It will be bad on someone who truly wants to go to college and needs the money.

Anonymous, Student, Sierra College, Class of 2018

I see many students in class who don't do the homework, don't study, and don't pay attention in class. There are some extremely difficult classes at Sierra College, but for the most part, if students pay attention and do their assigned work, they can achieve a high grade. A lot of people go to college because their parents want them to, but they drop out or simply not try their hardest. I have also heard the saying "Cs earn degrees," which is a very lazy and lackluster way to think about the college experience. In my opinion, these people do not belong in Sierra College.

Anonymous, Student, Sierra College, Class of 2017

Any type of student should attend because sierra has something to offer everyone. Its programs offer so much help for any student in need. Weather it be financial aid, tutoring or special needs help sierra college has is covered. It truly is a school based solely on wanting to help students succeed.

Anonymous, Student, Sierra College, Class of 2016

The student who should not attend Sierra College is someone who has a bad attitude towards community colleges. I constantly hear around me that community college isn't "actually college" and that it is so "easy". Those same people who make those comments have no idea that community college offers the same exact courses as a four-year university and is actually a better route than jumping into a university. The student who would not attend Sierra is one who does not appreciate the transfer route and doesn't want to save money.

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