Describe the type of student who should attend Fox Chapel Area High School. Why?


Anonymous, Student, Fox Chapel Area High School, Class of 2017

Though Fox Chapel Area High School consists of a diverse student body, possessing particular qualities would equip a student to be best suited for the high school. For example, a student who is tolerant would fit in well at the school. Fox Chapel has a variety of races, religions, economic backgrounds, and interests. One who is tolerant of the variety of people that he or she will encounter on a day to day basis would fit in which the school well. A student who is motivated to do his or her best in all aspects, looking to grow as an individual academically, athletically, musically, personally, and so on. Fox Chapel Area High School challenges students to take the most difficult classes each individual can handle in order to learn not only the course information, but also how to learn different forms of information. Additionally, students are encouraged be involved in the assortment of clubs run by both the students and faculty, as well as being involved in the programs of athletics, music, art, technology, academics, community service, business, medicine, and so on. One who enjoys involvement and hobbies will find activities that there is guaranteed to be an interest that he or she can pursue. Therefore, a person who is driven to be successful and takes an open minded approach to life would thrive at Fox Chapel Area High School.

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