What is a typical Mountain View High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Mountain View High School.


Anonymous, Student, Mountain View High School, Class of 2016

The stereotypical Mountain View student loves sports. However, a lot of the students do really care about their studies when it doesn't interrupt their social life.

Anonymous, Student, Mountain View High School, Class of 2016

The typical Mountain View High School student is a five foot eight inch Mormon girl with Republican parents, blonde hair, and blue eyes. She is outgoing, charismatic, in student council-obviously, in regular (non-honors) classes, except maybe Mcelhaney's "Freshman Honors World History" AKA, the easiest class in existence. She wakes up every morning and says a quick prayer before eating the kale and greek yogurt smoothie her stay at home mom whipped up for her and her 18 other siblings. Then she hops into her gas-guzzling hummer her daddy bought her, because who cares about the environment when there's a God? At school she gossips to her friends in the Mountain View courtyard about who Jake has hugged most recently. When the bell rings she goes to her six classes, of which her favorite is 5th hour seminary. Afterwards, she heads to government class where she hears something about Obama. She hates Obama though because her mom and dad do, so she turns around and tells the kid that Obama is a Nazi-Fascist-Muslim-Dictator, even though she doesn't have the ability to define any of those terms. After government, she hops back in her diamond studded car to drive back to her million dollar home where her mom feeds her some snack the chef made. Her mom mumbles something about the Hispanic maid, ironically, of course. She agrees, because she agrees with everything her mom says. She then hops back into her car off to mutual to discuss with other members of the Church about modesty. After church, she hops into her Harvard tuition priced car back to her NYU tuition priced home. She has her slow cooker dinner with her 18 eternal siblings and snacks on the chocolate chip cookies her mom is able to put out like a machine. She then does her 8 minutes of homework, says a quick prayer, and heads to sleep. She then repeats this until the day she dies, with the brief exception of marriage, and her own 19 children. She is happy with her life, her family, and her religion. Because life is perfect in the most Conservative city in the world.

As to who should go to Mountain View, that would be absolutely no one of the Mormon Faith.

Anonymous, Student, Mountain View High School, Class of 2016

A typical Mountain View High School student cares about their learning. It is a middle-class school and provides excellence in everything. Most students stay involved and are in honors, gifted, and advanced placement classes.

Anonymous, Parent of student at Mountain View High School

A student with leadership qualities in any area. The athletic programs at Mt View are competitive and would benefit a student with athletic abilities. Students that are interested in agricultural and automotive studies would also benefit.

Anonymous, Student, Mountain View High School, Class of 2015

Students at Mountain View are very "family" oriented in that each and every person is willing and happy to assist others in any way possible. Students strive to create new relationships and make everyone feel welcome. There is a place for everyone at Mountain View, so long as that person intends to uphold the same values set forth by other students. There is a large focus on community and the good of the whole. This attitude then carries through and can be seen not just in the students, but also in the teachers and administration. In one word, the student body is exceptional.

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