Which 3 extracurricular activities at Academy of American Studies are most popular? Which extracurriculars would you recommend?


Anonymous, Student, Academy of American Studies, Class of 2016

Despite having several forms of extracurricular activities for all  grades at the Academy of American Studies. I would say that the volleyball team both girls and boys are always at high demands. This is due to the fact that the school is known to have won the city tournament during the year 2013. Plus, the entire school gathers during the volleyball games. It is the time where our school spirit is at its highest. Additionally, improve the club is always a success all due to the teacher Mr. Solkoff a dedicated and humorous drama teacher that allows students the freedom to express themselves and take on different characters. Lastly, student government is spoken all across campus. 
Personally id recommends a student that is either a current student or looking into applying to the school to involve themselves in student government. This form of youth leadership allows one to state their ideas and take initiative to make the school fun and comfortable for the entire student body, Also, the school focuses on teaching us the history of the county yet the medical club is an interesting hands-on club that teaches one about the human body in exciting ways. Ultimately, a senior committee is always a must to be a part of. It's where all the seniors take leadership to all things involving the grade.

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