Describe the type of student who should attend Texas Tech University. Why?



Anyone who is really open to try programs of all kinds and is very comfortable with students from different backgrounds. It is actually difficult to not be able to find a group be the right fit for you.

Anonymous, Student, Texas Tech University, Class of 2019

Texas Tech University has a very diverse student body. There are stereotypes with every school, the stereotype with Texas Tech University is that all of the student are farmers. I believe we should fight stereotypes, especially the kind like these because Texas Tech students are not all farmers. We have so many different students here and everyone should apply, having this stereotype will make students second guess whether they should apply because there not famers. To answer the question, every student should apply to attend Texas Tech University because every student can bring something valuable. We have the motto, "Strive for honor evermore," I value these words and live by them everyday. A school's motto is a school's reputation, If you aren't going to value and contribute to the motto, then the school isn't for you. Thus, students who will follow through and always strive for honor should attend Texas Tech University.

Anonymous, Student, Texas Tech University, Class of 2017

A student who wishes to attend Texas Tech should be prepared to have a great sense of pride for his/her school. Texas Tech students are some of the most enthusiastic people I know. Students are also able to be extremely diverse and get involved in numerous activities on campus.

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