Describe the type of student who should attend University of Missouri-Columbia. Why?


Anonymous, Student, University of Missouri-Columbia, Class of 2019

The type of student that should attend the University of Missouri is one that has drive, passion, and the desire to change the world. This university offers hundreds of different programs that build students into successful and influential adults.

Anonymous, Student, University of Missouri-Columbia, Class of 2019

You should attend Mizzou if you are determined for success. If you wake up in the morning and you want to succeed at anything you have in mind, this school is for you. The University of Missouri-Columbia is like a big family, everyone is friendly and as a freshman, you are welcomed into open arms.

Anonymous, Student, University of Missouri-Columbia, Class of 2018

Being such a large school, Mizzou offers opportunities for many types of students. With different personalities, likes, interests, ect. there is one thing that students at Mizzou have in common and that is a passion for learning. Students who come to learn at a bigger school often feel disconnected with professors and their peers, however if the passion of learning isbig enough it makes the school feel much smaller than it really is.

Anonymous, Student, University of Missouri-Columbia, Class of 2019

This answer can vary depending on the person that you ask, not just because of varying perspectives, but because of all the reasons that there are. Academically, MU ranks very high among other universities in the nation, in fact it is #1 in journalism. The professors are very intellectual and helpful with the students, especially considering the high amount of students that they may have. Outside of the classroom, students can expect to find a large number of people around them, but the atmosphere can still be very comfortable. Just a short walk around campus and one will find many activities to entertain their time, from the iconic Shakespeare's Pizza to the astounding Rec Center. Must not forget the activity that is almost like a religion on campus, and that is SEC football. Although all of these may bring more comfort to incoming students, it is the great diversity that fills the campus. One will meet students from all over the nation and sometimes the world, the university welcomes them all with warm arms. The academic, social, and personal knowledge that a student can gain from just one semester is outstanding, helping to shape us into who we will be for the rest of our life.

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