What is the Jewish community like at ASU?


Melanie Pshaenich, Enrollment Services Communications at Arizona State University

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Thank you for asking! At Arizona State University, we are very proud of our diverse community and engaging campus culture. Not only can students join Jewish clubs and professional associations, they can also make connections with the local Jewish community through organizations such as Chabad and Hillel, major in Jewish Studies, and even study abroad in Israel. ASU also has a diverse array of Judaica collections, and welcomes all students, faculty and staff to attend High Holiday services on the Tempe campus each year. Whether you’re looking to get involved in Jewish student life, learn about Jewish history and culture, or simply a place to hang out with friends for Shabbat, you’ll find a vibrant Jewish community at ASU.

Natasha Karaczan, Enterprise Marketing Hub at Arizona State University

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Hello, Thank you for your question! There is a robust Jewish culture on all four of our campuses. We have faith-based clubs, majors and more. In fact, you will quickly notice that our university is extremely diverse, as we welcome faculty, staff and students from all different walks of life. To learn more, please visit https://eoss.asu.edu/religiouslife/club.

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