Which 3 extracurricular activities at Guajome Park Academy Charter are most popular? Which extracurriculars would you recommend?


Anonymous, Student, Guajome Park Academy Charter, Class of 2016

I'm a current participant in wrestling, I have been for 2 years now, and for a long time was the only female on the team. Despite this, I would absolutely recommend wrestling to anyone willing to put themselves out there and give it their all. The size of the school is represented in the size of the team; this including the few supplies allotted to it, but because of this the team has developed an undeniable closeness. As for ranking of extracurricular activities within the school, the most popular extracurricular activities appear to be advanced drama/drama at the first, volleyball second, and academic team placing as the third. Wrestling, on the other hand, has the smallest following and is often overlooked. The rigor of the sport tends to turn people away, but as I tell everyone who asks for my personal recommendation of a sport, wrestling is by far the most rewarding activity I have ever participated in; the members have the most heart and strongest work ethic I have ever seen. The sport, the team, and the coach, have all shaped me as a person. Even now, as the girl's team captain, I always hope I get get someone in and include them in what I have experienced and have learned through this sport. The prevalent idea of hard work and persistence is something I hope to teach and share with others who join the team. Another excellent extracurricular at our school is the advanced drama/drama team, including stage pro. They are always producing wonderful plays and people; all of the members I have met (which is nearly all of them, the school and campus is tiny. I can name every one of the members in my graduating class) hold the utmost pride in what they do. Those are the two activities I would recommend: advanced drama and wrestling. Both, although I can speak better for wrestling as I am a player, are wonderful institutions within the school.

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