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What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend Elmhurst College?


Anonymous, Student, Elmhurst College, Class of 2018

Elmhurst has a beautiful campus. It's a small school but it is also an arboretum! There is a huge variety of trees and other plants on the Elmhurst College campus. Also the way the campus is laid out is very logical and appreciated by the students. Another reason is the fact that it's a small school. Your professors will always know your name. You're never just a number at Elmhurst. Students will always have the opportunity to get to know their professors and get extra help for a specific class if necessary. The final reason is because of it's location. Just a block away is Downtown Elmhurst. Here there are many different restaurants and things to do, so students aren't always stuck on campus. Also, there is a train station right off of campus, so it is very easily accessible, and students can easily go to the city for a fun weekend or a day trip.

Anonymous, Student, Elmhurst College, Class of 2017

The first reason to attend Elmhurst College is for the individualized attention from professors you get due to a small class size. The second reason is for the amount of opportunities you receive, while still going to a small, personal college (ie. study abroad, academic conferences, internships). The third reason to attend Elmhurst is for its location. Is a beautiful, small campus in a lovely community, but it is also located near Chicago, so students can get their quickly, either for job opportunities or just for fun.

Anonymous, Student, Elmhurst College, Class of 2017

The top 3 reason why someone should attend Elmhurst College is: Great professors. Amazing academic and social resources. Welcoming community.

Anonymous, Student, Elmhurst College, Class of 2018

Elmhurst gives a student a sense of community within the campus. With this college being a small school, you get a one on one feel in the classrooms with your teachers. Elmhurst helps prepare you for your future career they give you the tools you need to succeed in the future.

Anonymous, Student, Elmhurst College, Class of 2017

Everyone knows someone! There might be distinct social groups, but that does not stop anyone from socializing out of their "group". Secondly, there are many opportunities presented to the students from business related, to music, and the alumni of all are engaged in the lives of the students constantly presenting more opportunities. Lastly, you are only $7 train ride and 20 minutes away from downtown Chicago.

Anonymous, Student, Elmhurst College, Class of 2015

Elmhurst college is a small campus with a nice arboretum, as well as there being many friendly students, and a lot of helpful faculty members.

Anonymous, Student, Elmhurst College, Class of 2016

  1. Small campus, small classes, so it is overall a very "intimate" place to go to school, which is wonderful.
  2. The professors. Elmhurst has some wonderful characters for professors, they are interesting people who teach things in such a way to make even the most boring topic relevant.
  3. The guests that come to the college for lectures, which students can attend for free. It's a great way to get a chance to meet influential people and hear new and challenging ideas.
Anonymous, Student, Elmhurst College, Class of 2018

The top 3 reasons that someone should attend Elmhurst College is 1) if they want a well-rounded eduation. Since Elmhurst is a liberal arts school, you take classes that may not necessarily pertain to your major. But, this can be a good thing in case you are not sure on a major and those classes direct you towards what you want to do in life. 2) They should attend Elmhurst if they want a laid-back school. Because it is a smaller school, there are plenty of people around campus to help you out with your studies. 3) It is a beautiful campus! It's considered an arboretum!

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