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Do students like living in dorms after freshman year?


Amy McElroy, SMU Law School graduate, Writer, Editor, and Parent of Two

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There are, in fact, many benefits to living in dorms after freshman year. Depending on where you live, you're less likely to need a car than if you lived off campus. And many colleges provide meal plans for students, which alleviates the need for grocery shopping and cooking. Also, the benefits of living within a community and learning from other students outside the classroom are exponentially multiplied when living in dorms because of all the extra time spent socializing together. On the other hand, it's easy to get away from roommates to study by walking across campus to the library or another quiet spot. Many colleges have specialized housing for students with similar interests, like foreign languages, hobbies, clubs, etc. Upper-class students usually have first pick of dorms. Many students live in dorms to save money or to enjoy heightened security that wouldn't be found living in nearby apartments. Graduation comes quickly enough!

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