I am studying at Kansas State University. Next semester I'm transferring to the University of Kansas. Do you think this is a wise choice?


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It's really hard to give you feedback on your decision to transfer without knowing more about you and your circumstances.

If you decided to transfer because Kansas State University didn't have the kind of programs you were looking for, or because it wasn't the right fit for you, then it's probably good that you've found a more suitable school.

I'm not an expert on either school, but, at a glance, it looks like The University of Kansas is a little more selective in its admissions and more focused on pre-professional programs in a variety of fields. If you're interested in something like pharmaceuticals, nursing, journalism, engineering, architecture, or teaching, this may be the ideal institute for you.

I would say that if you've already completed the transfer process and you're expecting to attend University of Kansas next year, then you shouldn't worry too much about your decision because you've already made it. Now is the time to be excited and get prepared! See what the school has to offer--in the worst case scenario you can always attempt to transfer back.

If this didn't answer your question specifically enough, feel free to write back with a more detailed clarifying question. Best of luck on your transfer and have a great semester!

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