I would like to sign my children up for AYP. How do I go about this?

They are in the 6th and 8th grades at Wentworth Junior High.


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I'm sorry, I'm afraid I'm not really sure what you mean by AYP. Often AYP refers to a school's Adequate Yearly Progress. You can view Wentworth's AYP by visiting the Illinois Department of Education site.

It sounds like you have something else in mind. I searched the school website but was unable to find anything that seemed to match what you were looking for.

Your best bet is to contact Wentworth Junior High School directly by calling (708) 862-0750.

You can also of course feel free to ask another, clarifying question here on Noodle and I'll look into it for you. Sorry I didn't understand your question. Best of luck finding the answer!

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