What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend Kent State University at Tuscarawas?


Anonymous, Student, Kent State University at Tuscarawas, Class of 2018

There are several reasons that someone should attend Kent State University at Tuscarawas. One of the reasons is that it is the only regional campus that is not owned by the University. The Tusc branch is owned by the county and is partially financed through a local tax level. A second reason someone should attend Kent Tusc is for the cost of attending. Cost is a big snag that people look at when applying to different Universities. Kent State at Tuscarawas is one of the most cost efficient university that people in the area will find, especially if the student gets no scholarship. For both the fall and the spring semester combined is less than one semester at another school. Another reason that someone should attend is that they offer a variety of different class times and schedules. For many students, as stated before commute so many have jobs aside from school and they are able to take classes in the evenings to keep the mornings and afternoons open for the job they may hold.

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