Describe the type of student who should attend Pekin Community High School. Why?


Anonymous, Student, Pekin Community High School, Class of 2017

With almost 4000 students there is something for everyone. There are so many groups students could join from prayer groups to gay pride groups to the jocks and cheer leaders all students are able to be involved. Students that attend Pekin should be in good shape in order to get across campus in order not to be late to their next class. It also helps if you are self motivated or have parents involved since the school counselors have no time to help the students out. The large school help prepare students for what college will be like since it has a huge campus, large class sizes, and a wide variety of personslities.

Anonymous, Student, Pekin Community High School, Class of 2016

A student who loves to have many choices of class and a wide choice of opportunities. This school offers many different types of classes to fit everyone with what they are interested in and like to do. There a many different types of art classes to take, music classes, shop classes, interior design classes, and much more. Not only are the electives great the acedemic classes are wonderful too with great teachers that are always there to help. The after, and before school activities are almost limitless with the many clubs to join and sports to try out for. A student who wants many opportunities for their a endemic life should chose to go to Pekin Community High School for people who care about you.

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