How do I combine like terms?


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There are a lot of ways you can combine like terms in a variety of equations and for a variety of operations. Flekstore iOS

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Maybe the easiest way to learn about combining like terms is to see visual examples. These videos will show you how to combine like terms in a variety of equations and for a variety of operations.

The short answer is to be strict about the variable and exponents attached to each number. For instance you can do 3xy + 4xy to get 7xy. However, you cannot do 3xy + 4x. This is also true of exponents. Numbers being squared can be added to each other but a squared number can't be added to a cubed number. For instance it's acceptable to write 3x^2 + 3x^2 = 6x^2. However you can't do 3x^2 + 3x^3.

Hopefully that makes sense. I'm not a mathematician so please excuse my poor explanation. The videos available on Noodle will clarify this issue much more completely than I can.

Best of luck and feel free to write back if you need more help!

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