What percent of the student body is premed?


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Swarthmore College does not offer an official "premed" major or program in the traditional sense. They do have a rigorous Health Sciences department, and students can work with advisors to plan a course of study that will enable them to apply to medical school programs.

This section of Swarthmore's website will explain how to fulfill medical school prerequisites in more detail: http://www.swarthmore.edu/health-sciences-office/guide-to-premedical-studies-swarthmore-college

Since there isn't an official "premed" major, it's difficult to say for sure what percentage of students plan to attend medical school after graduation. A report from the college says that biology is the 5th most popular major choice for the class of 2019 (http://www.swarthmore.edu/news-events/950-students-admitted-to-swarthmore-class-2019). Biochemistry and neuroscience also rank in the 10 most popular majors for this class, so it seems safe to say a medically-minded student would find him- or herself in good company.

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