What scholarships are available at Central Arizona College (CAC), if any?


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You can find out more about scholarships and financial aid at Central Arizona College on the school's Noodle profile and on the college's financial aid website.

CAC offers two kinds of scholarships, Institutional Scholarships and Foundation Scholarships. Institutional Scholarships include scholarships for academic achievement as well as participation in athletics and other activities. Foundation Scholarships include various other scholarships supported by the Central Arizona College Foundation. For information about eligibility, the application and selection processes, award amounts, etc. , visit the CAC financial aid website.

Institutional Scholarships:

  • CAC Academic Scholarship
  • CAC Incentive Scholarship
  • Non-Traditional Student Scholarship
  • GED 1-Semester Scholarship
  • Honors Scholarship
  • Athletic Scholarship
  • Activity Scholarship
  • Performing Arts Scholarship

Foundation Scholarships:

  • CAC Foundation: Promise for the Future Scholarship
  • Judge Robert R. Bean Memorial Scholarship
  • Boswell Scholarship
  • Great Women of CAC/Pinal County
  • Casa Grande Jr. Chamber of Commerce Scholarship
  • Central Arizona College Foundation Scholarship Aravaipa Campus
  • Michael Cepello Scholarship
  • Thomas Cole Art Scholarship
  • Coolidge Mounted Sheriff’s Posse Scholarship
  • Arthur and Mary Faul Scholarship
  • Zelda (Chris) Ferryman Scholarship
  • George Fridell Memorial Scholarship
  • Guy Gilbert Scholarship
  • JoAnn Harter Memorial Scholarship for Nursing
  • Duane Irvin Scholarship
  • N.E. “Pete” & Josephine King Scholarship
  • Donovan Kramer Scholarship
  • Tom Kunz Vaquero Scholarship
  • Lin Laursen Scholarship
  • James Lee Music Scholarship
  • Clara Lovett University Foundation Scholarship
  • Tepi Maddock Scholarship
  • Roberta Phillips Scholarship
  • Pinal County University Scholarahip
  • C.A. & Nellie Pope Scholarship
  • Joe Refsnes Scholarship
  • Dr. R.F. Schoen
  • Sodexho Scholarship
  • Kathleen Van Cleft Indian Scholarship Fund
  • Ann Williams Scholarship

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