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What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend Kettering College?


Anonymous, Student, Kettering College, Class of 2019

Kettering College is an all around great school. A person should attend Kettering College because it is focused, gives you hands on experiences, and helps you find employment. Due to the small size and structure of Kettering College, each student receives an opportunity to focus on their occupational dreams and pursue them head on. Kettering College is directly connected to Kettering Hospital. This gives each student an opportunity to see their future each day they walk into the doors. Also, all the equipment used in classes is fully functional. If there is overflow or a disaster in the area, patients are sent into the college to be treated. This is unlikely but it shows that the equipment used by the students directly correlates with the equipment they will be using in their occupation. Finally, as one gets close to graduation the college helps students find opportunities for employment in their field. Being put in clinicals also gives the students experience in their field along with possible job opportunities where they are placed. If a person wants to be in the medical field, Kettering College is where to go because once they graduate they are fully prepared to be successful.

Anonymous, Student, Kettering College, Class of 2020

Number great thing about Kettering College is the programs. They are top of the line. The student gets a great education overall, and will learn many skills need to do their dream job well. Secondly, it is very great that the college is super small. The professors get to know the students, and they are not just a number. They will know when the student is absent, and are will to help anyone when they need it. Finally, the social aspect of the college is great. Everyone is super friendly and welcoming. There are so many social events that the college plans, so it's a great way to meet people. Everyone here is like family!

Anonymous, Student, Kettering College, Class of 2015

  1. Small classes and programs allow for great student-teacher relationships and make it easy to seek guidance.
  2. Kettering is a highly accredited college with very high job placement percentages.
  3. It is in a safe and centrally located area for worry-free travel or board. It would also be easy to find an apartment or house near the school.
Anonymous, Student, Kettering College, Class of 2017

The three reasons why someone should attend Kettering College are because it is a smaller college so the professors can spend one-on-one time with the students if the student is struggling or is confused. Another reason would be because they have excellent medical programs. In addition, the staff wants to see the students succeed and be a wonderful person in life.

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