What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend Roane State Community College?


Anonymous, Student, Roane State Community College, Class of 2017

Three reasons why I would recommend Roane State to somebody are: They have some pretty awesome professors who are always available to help a student and they actually know what they're talking about. There are fewer students in each class, so there is more time spent individually on each student. There are more options of classes available, say, like, you want to be a full time student, (12 hours a semester) but you can attend class only on Monday and Tuesday, they can make that happen!

Anonymous, Student, Roane State Community College, Class of 2016

They offer great classes that are much cheaper than universities but are equivalent. Small classes offer each student more one on one time with the professors. The professors are extremely nice and helpful.

Anonymous, Student, Roane State Community College, Class of 2017

At Roane State, you can get a great education that is affordable. No one wants to graduate college and get into the workforce while carrying a college debt as a monkey on their back. Tuition is a fraction of a four-year college. They are highly ranked among community colleges and prepare there students to transfer successfully to a four-year college to continue their college education to a higher degree. They also offer two-year programs and certifications that will allow someone an excellent education and then immediately get into their career successfully.

Roane State also allows students a wide variety of class options. A student will have the option on days, times, and campus locations to take their courses. Some courses have weekend and later afternoon options which will allow working students a better chance to balance their education and their current job. There is also the option of online classes for those that don't quite fit into the regular campus schedules so they can attend class where and when they can each week.

The third reason a student should attend Roane State is that the faculty get to know you personally and are willing to always help. They care about you. Roane State classes are kept small so the faculty can keep focus on each individual student with one-on-one attention and help the students find success while pursuing their degree.

Anonymous, Student, Roane State Community College, Class of 2018

To better their career options To expand their mind with new knowledge Because it a affordable institution for person who isn't going to pursue a higher professional degree but more towards a better career option

Anonymous, Student, Roane State Community College, Class of 2016

Reason 1: Its more affordable to get a two year degree at Roane State Community College before transferring to a University. (Lower debt/tuition cost) Reason 2: The classes arent large, which makes it easier to communicate with the teacher and other classmates. (Better learning/communication enviorment) Reason 3: The teachers have actual work experience for the field they are teaching. (Makes learning more interesting when the teacher can use past field experience for educational purposes)

Anonymous, Student, Roane State Community College, Class of 2019

They have excellent tutors who will work with you until you understand the subject at hand for no cost!

Roane State has excellent teachers who stay in communication with their students 24/7. I have never waited more than 4 hours from a response and that was on a weekend! The teachers offer extra help if a student doesnt understand something. I have learned so much from my professors! I haven't had a bad teacher yet!

Roane State offers many programs and their programs have been very successful. They have a variety of programs you can get a degree in almost any field. I am so excited and trying so hard to get in a program this Fall.

Anonymous, Student, Roane State Community College, Class of 2017

Roane State community college is a great place to start right after high school. It's a smooth transition and easier for you especially if you are having a hard time away from home. The staff is really helpful and nice as well! The classes are pretty close together, so you don't have to go across town to get to science class. Everyone in the community is also very helpful towards one another. We always cheer each other on!

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