Would you recommend attending Agape Christian High School if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, Agape Christian High School, Class of 2016

Hello my name is Alexzandria Franklin , and i would absolutely recommend any boy or girl to go to Agape Christian Academy High School . Why ? Well here a my reasons! The teachers are highly educated and helpful, Most teachers in a public school would actually show you one time and one time only on how to work ( for example, an algebraic expression). But these teachers will take the time to walk around the room and help you step by step on how to do what is placed in front of you. They are also wonderfully patient and will take the time to discuss anything that involves with your work. The programs are fully energetic and professionally done , Every year they would plan many programs and they turn out to be excellent !. I went to one of there Halloween programs when i was in 6th or 7th grade , and there theme was transformers . And the meaning of there theme is , to transform your bad ways and do something that is good for you and others , and until this day , i still love that program. They also have programs that involves with the grandparents and parents and how they appreciate everything that they do for the kids.And lastly , throughout the following years we gain a lot of connection towards our peers . My high school peers have a lot of ups and downs, but at our school we learn how to forgive and to help one another. Our school is all about treating one another with respect , and give all praise to the wonderful man upstairs . But were also known as the school that will always take the time to connect as a family. So Yes ! i highly recommend students to go at Agape Christian Academy!. Because they help us grow up to be the Responsible , Hard - Working , and Dedicated adults that we suppose to be when we graduate from high school .

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