Describe the type of student who should attend Tallahassee Community College. Why?



Tallahassee Community College (TCC for short) is a great secondary institution for any soon to be college student. Those who love the idea of having small classes would love TCC, the classes on average are around the same size as a standard highschool class room. This makes getting to know your professor a lot easier than it would be at many other colleges. Students who want an more affordable education should also consider attending TCC. The tuition per year is very affordable and the school is well known for giving plenty of scholarships and grants to it's students.

Anonymous, Student, Tallahassee Community College, Class of 2018

Tallahassee Community College is for students that are looking to earn something fast and cheap. By that I mean, a certificate, a trade, or an Associate's Degree. It is a college that is on the cheaper end of the scale. This school is commonly used as a stepping stone. Many student's will achieve general education courses thus resulting in an Associate in Arts degree that can then be transferred to a University. To me, this is the smart student. Instead of investing copious amounts of money on the same courses at a University for the first couple of years, these students choose the more logical option of attending the community college for significantly less money. This does not negate the legitimacy of the college. Tallahassee Community College is good school for students who are serious about furthering their education. It is reputable and as stated before, a stepping stone for those students who are looking to save a bit more money while furthering his or her education. These students use Tallahassee Community College what it is there for, then move on to a University.

Anonymous, Student, Tallahassee Community College, Class of 2017

The type of student who should attend Tallahassee Community College should be. Diverse, everyone is knowledgeable and with diversity all around you from FAMU and FSU. Tallahassee is a college town and I’m working hard to achieve my dreams. I want to create a better world for all through engineering and I plan on transferring to FAMU for mechanical engineering. I’ve already been speaking to Dr. Carl Moore and Im taking 4 college bound classes for my AA an internship and a industrial certification class. I’m a busy man that wants to revolutionize the world. So I believe they should want to think big, imagine big, and listen. I was recently homeless sleeping under a pavilion at Lake Ella. With nothing but the clothes on my back, a sheet, some cheerios and a hygiene kit. You should pursue your dreams and I am no were near giving up. My life has just started and there is so much information I have yet to learn. My current internship is providing speakers from all over the state of Florida from county clerks to NASA. I’m working on a development to provide better safety for anyone in a dire need. This scholarship will help jump-start my savings and provide an housing opportunity once I have enough money saved so another kid can take my place here in CCYS. I ride a bicycle to school or walk. My car was totaled, moped was stolen and I refuse to accept failure. I do not believe in failure I only believe in lows in life. The type of student who should attend Tallahassee Community College should be ready for change. There are so many insightful people around the community here and it is a very small (Big) city. Everyone knows each other. I’m eager to see what I make of my future as I continue to revolutionize the world we live in.

Anonymous, Student, Tallahassee Community College, Class of 2017

A student who want a quality education at an affordable price, convenient parking, and great teachers.

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