Would you recommend attending York Suburban Senior High School if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, York Suburban Senior High School, Class of 2016

Without a doubt, I would recommend attending York Suburban. At YS, the academics are the number one priority. Teachers truly care about their students and try to engage everyone in each lesson. YS has not only developed my love for learning, but also my overall self. I have grown immensely by learning new, interesting material, and by learning alongside others with different backgrounds. Discussion is widely encouraged in each class so I can see things from different perspectives, instead of having a one-track mindset. I am truly proud to be Trojan and do not regret my time spent at York Suburban.

Anonymous, Student, York Suburban Senior High School, Class of 2015

I would definitely recommend attending York Suburban if I had the choice. When it comes to academics, our school ranks one of the highest in the state, which makes me feel comfortable knowing that I am receiving a quality education, which will prepare me for my future. Also, when it comes to the actual school, the classes are kept small so that a student does not really get lost in a large crowd. It a small school which I think is more comforting. It is just an overall valuable experience.

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