Would a business student with trouble in mathematics be able to keep up with the curriculum and fit in with the rest of the students? Would an up and coming entrepreneur have the opportunities they could have in another college?


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To get a sense of whether Stony Brook University's business school program would be right for you, my advice would be to gather as much information about the program as possible. A good place to start is the program's website, which has information about the program's goals and objectives, specializations, and opportunities like the MBA Fast Track. I'd also recommend visiting the school if at all possible.

To request more information or if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the Stony Brook College of Business directly. You can also learn more about business school right here on Noodle by checking out our articles and advice on business school. One article in particular that might interest you is "How Do You Decide Whether a Business School Is the Right Fit?"

Hope this helps!

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