Asked about: Venture Academy

Describe the type of student who should attend Venture Academy. Why?


Anonymous, Student, Venture Academy, Class of 2017

Anyone who is in high school especially the kids who feel they don't fit in or aren't getting the education they deserve in public schools. Venture Academy offers more than school, it offers a productive fun and accepting educational high school experience because we accept anyone and everyone for who they are and the whole school is willing to do whatever it takes to see you succeed and none of this is even close to exaggeration.

Anonymous, Student, Venture Academy, Class of 2016

The type of student who should attend Venture is any high school student looking for diversity, encouragement to help you be your best, and an environment that accepts you for who you are. A Venture Academy student is challenged to be a life-long learner, love and encourage people where they are, and to bring your best every day. We are incredibly different, but one body. Shy personalities gain confidence. Bold personalities learn to embrace and work with others. Those that are different are accepted and encouraged to discover their best and accomplish their goals. Be prepared to be encouraged and equipped for your future at Venture Academy.

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