Describe the type of student who should attend Millersville University of Pennsylvania. Why?



A student who should attend Millersville University should be open-minded, creative, with the slightest bit of fear. All college students should have these three characteristics when going into college. Open-mindedness just because that is a good trait to have, whether you are attending college or not. Being open-minded allows you to view the world in ways that you could not even imagine. Open-mindedness is a gift that people are unaware of how powerful it really is. It allows one to take the good with the bad and put things into a new perspective. A student should also be creative because every college student has a few creative tips and tricks up their sleeves, we all need to get creative if we want to survive college. Even the students who do not believe they are creative still find mind-boggling ways to achieve various goals. It is also enjoyable to talk to creative people to keep conversations fresh and interesting. Students should also have some fear, as it is never a bad thing to show. College is a new chapter for everyone and people believe that they are not allowed to be scared and fearful, but it is actually the exact opposite. How can anyone make a move forward when they are not fearful? Fear pushes people in unimaginable, encouraging ways. We are all fearful of taking our first real step out into the real world, but with that fear we can take the real world and make it into our world. People are set on the idea that to go to college one needs intelligence, of course this plays a factor, but the real qualities one needs to succeed in college and in life is: open-mindedness, creativity, and fear.


To attend Millersville University, students should be ready to work hard, have specific goals to strive for, while becoming involved in the community and working to help others.

Anonymous, Student, Millersville University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2019

The type of student that should attend Millersville university are those that are ready to seize the Opportunity, as is the school's motto. There are opportunities for growth for every student in every major and teachers are always available to help.

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