Describe the type of student who should not attend Waynesburg Central High School and explain why.


Anonymous, Student, Waynesburg Central High School, Class of 2016

The types of students who should not attend Waynesburg Central High School are those who are more metropolitan. Students who like hustle and bustle and city life would not like WCHS or our area in general because we are a small community with little shopping, restaurants, or anything else right here. We have to make our own fun here in town or drive out of town to even see a movie. In addition, students who are into punk rock, major piercings, gang activity and other activities that may involve violence or criminal-type behaviors would not want to attend WCHS. First, they would hate it because we don't have those types of activities in our school or community, and second, they may not find it easy to make friends if they behaved so poorly. Simply put, they would not likely find it a good or comfortable fit. And finally, I'd say that students who are used to certain sports like swimming and tennis, for example, may not enjoy Waynesburg Central because we only offer the most basic sports. Students often have to take classes for special interests outside of school, out of town, and at a cost. These are only a few of the types of students who should not attend my high school, but there are surely other types that would not mix well with us.

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