Describe the type of student who should attend Missouri State University-Springfield. Why?



If you're friendly and love to get involved, Missouri State University is for you! The Missouri State Campus is one of the most friendly places I have every been. All of the students are always there with a friendly smile and a helping hand. There are also plenty of opportunities to get involved that so many students take advantage of. Being a student leader gives students a support system, life experience, and ways to network.

Anonymous, Student, Missouri State University-Springfield, Class of 2019

The type of person that should attend Missouri State University-Springfield is the person who doesn't just want to learn what is taught in the books, but wants to become an all around cultured person. MSU focuses a lot on making it's students well-rounded individuals and doesn't just give them the basic education. There are three pillars that are associated with Missouri State and those pillars are cultural competence, ethical leadership, and community engagement. The school focuses on educating the students fully on the pillars and hopes that each student becomes a person that has each pillar within them. MSU students are culturally competent, they are ethical leaders and they engage in their community.

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