What are the top 3 things that students do for fun at DeVry University-Colorado?


Anonymous, Student, DeVry University-Colorado, Class of 2018

Colorado is a unique state in itself. Its a land of beautiful sunsets, amazing mountain views, and the most spectacular outdoor terrain. Students at DeVry University of Colorado have access to some of the most historical rich land, amazing animal conservation, and unique, nature made terrain. No matter where you are located in the beautiful land of Colorado, there are several sites to visit. In northern Colorado there are unique outdoor venues such as the world famous Red Rocks Amphitheater, the Denver Aquarium and Denver Museum. In central Colorado, residents and tourist alike have access to some of the most amazing, nature made trails such as the Garden of Gods which holds the world famous Kissing Camels rock formation, the man made incline, which takes you up 2,200 feet in elevation in less then a mile and the world famous largest suspended bridge of the Royal gorge.. Students living in the southern part of Colorado has access to the famous sand dunes, amazing camping sites, and well preserved sites of the local Pueblo Native American tribal sites. the best part of living in Colorado, is that most of these sites are within a few hours drive from anywhere in Colorado. Colorado Students are some of the luckiest students with such rich history land, perfectly preserved trails, and a wide array of wildlife, there is never a boring day in beautiful Colorado.

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