Which 3 extracurricular activities at Olathe North Sr. High School are most popular? Which extracurriculars would you recommend?


Anonymous, Student, Olathe North Sr. High School, Class of 2016

Three of the most popular extracurricular activities at Olathe North Sr. High School are the Twenty-First Century programs, the National Honor Society, and sports. I highly recommend the Twenty-First Century programs. As I am part of the Geoscience program, I can safely say that through these programs you are given opportunities you could never imagine a school giving you and the program becomes more like a family as the years go on. I also highly recommend the National Honor Society, as it helps the community (not just the school) and also looks very good on a college resume.

Anonymous, Student, Olathe North Sr. High School, Class of 2016

I am in involved in Eagle Service Club/ KAY Club. It is a club dedicated to improving our community through community service. I am also in LINK Crew which is a club for juniors and seniors. We are given a small class of freshmen students and act as mentors to them. STUCO is a great extracurricular activity because they do a lot for our school.

Anonymous, Parent of student at Olathe North Sr. High School

Sports teams, football, basketball, golf, swim, tennis, basketball, volleyball, soccer, cross country, track and field Eagle Service Club, foreign language clubs

Anonymous, Student, Olathe North Sr. High School, Class of 2017

The three most popular extracurricular activities would most likely fall into the sports category, which in that case would mean football, basketball, and my personal favorite, volleyball; there are other sports, yet they aren't given as much attention as they should be.Those three sports are undeniably and without a doubt the most appreciated, commended, and recognized activities within the school itself, all other activities usually take second place in recognition or are simply dismissed whenever discussed or brought up. For anyone who was a first time student at Olathe North, I would definitely recommend Student Council, or S.T.U.C.O, Volleyball, Basketball, and the Class Student Leadership, which in my case would be Junior Leadership. They are a great way of developing close bonds with friends and engaging in all that our school has to offer. Joining both S.T.U.C.O and Class Leadership were one of the best decisions I've ever made in my entire high school career, I've not only been able to make new friends and debate/compromise their thoughts and ideas, but I've also been subject to difficult problematic situations that required delicate time and effort in fixing and handling. They have both opened my eyes to possibilities that I didn't exactly think was entirely possible and the memories I've made from setting up football games to organizing Prom and Homecoming have been amazing and I will cherish them for as long as possible. Volleyball and Basketball will always have a special place in my heart and have been a personal favorite of mine, from the 5:00 AM practices to the 10 minute stair laps that had my thighs burning and my lungs on fire to enduring yells from your coach when you lose games to after practice cool down runs around your neighborhood; every minute is a roller coaster full of adrenaline, hard work, excitement, and it all pays off when you finally win a tournament or game at the very end of the never ending season.

Anonymous, Student, Olathe North Sr. High School, Class of 2016

At Olathe North, we have a countless number of extracurricular activities, which makes it difficult to pick just three. One activity that is popular is theatre. It's pretty easy to get involved with theatre, whether it's on or off the stage. Each person plays a crucial part in our plays and musicals. Another popular extracurricular is track and field. each year, our number of track kids grows immensely, and each person does spectacular in whatever event they do. The last extracurricular, and also my favorite, is our Gay, Straight alliance. We love each and every person at North, and we refuse to allow any discrimination to anyone for their choice of lifestyle. we often hold meetings after school and plan parades, create posters, and genuinely talk about how we all feel.

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