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What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend Simpson College?


Anonymous, Student, Simpson College, Class of 2017

I think people should attend Simpson because it is full of opportunity! My life has been changed so much by making the decision to pursue Simpson. So many doors are opened when you have great connections with your professors and have Des Moines near by. Another reason to attend Simpson is the fact that you can get to know your teachers very well. If you need help with something they are always willing to help you one on one! I have sat in a teachers office for two hours straight before and it didn't bother them at all because they knew they were making a positive difference in my life. I was unsure of so many things before I made the decision to come to Simpson but by just letting things work their way out everything fell into place. One more reason to attend Simpson is that you will always have a friend or someone to go to if you need anything. Even though you don't know anyone at first, it is very easy to find people like you and you find a place to fit in. It is scary making the next step into college but I was made comfortable by the transition activities they put us through. I wouldn't have it any other way!

Anonymous, Student, Simpson College, Class of 2017

Simpson College is in a small community and it is a small college, so everyone here is so close. I know so many people by name and I would say I am close friends with. We also have such a great location. Given we are heavily a business college, it is convenient for those business majors to get internships, job shadows and eventually jobs in Des Moines. We also have a pretty cool mascot if I do say so myself!

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