My daughter, who's a sophomore in college, wants to be a camp counselor for the fourth year in a row. All her classmates are looking for internships instead. Will being a counselor instead of interning affect her when she looks for a job?


Mike McDonell, President, Kidventure Inc.

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I honestly can't think of a better opportunity for experience than the job of camp counselor. Think about the skills that are fostered in a sound camp program... Conflict management, team building, organizational skills, problem solving, leadership and motivational skills. All of these skills are those that are coveted by employers. Your kid can run errands and fetch coffee at any internship. What takes place at camp as a counselor is some of the most constructive and applicable to the 'real world' I know of. If you can effectively control a cabin of 10, nine year old girls, inspire them to do great things, keep track of their activities, their aches and pains, drama and safety, then the board room is a piece of cake. Go be a camp counselor. The world of business would benefit greatly from more in their ranks. Also check out a great article from NYT on this very topic. Best of luck!

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