Describe the type of student who should not attend University of Massachusetts-Lowell and explain why.



Students who do not like diversity, great food choices, activities, programs, and athletics, all of which are broad and has something for everyone, would not like UMass Lowell.


A student seeking a small, enclosed campus with a small student population might want to reconsider their options, if UMASS Lowell is indeed on their list. While UMASS Lowell is a phenomenal school with a lot to offer, a student seeking quiet and closeness all in one campus should probably not attend this school.

Anonymous, Student, University of Massachusetts-Lowell, Class of 2018

The unmotivated student that who doesn't care about anything but themselves.The worse type of fellow student is one that was forced by their parents to go to school, but all they care about is to party, drink, smoke and hook-up with everyone.

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