What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend Spalding University?


Anonymous, Student, Spalding University, Class of 2017

There is no doubt that Spalding's education is top notch. Also, our professors and instructors are vested in the students and helping them become successful. I think the small classroom settings also lead to more in depth learning and engagement from students and faculty. One more thing, I have actually met our schools president, she is an amazing lady, she wrote a book after rowing across the Atlantic but she also is approachable and she is someone that I sincerely look up to and want to be like after graduating!

Anonymous, Student, Spalding University, Class of 2017

Spalding University has a very diverse student body which makes for a very interesting learning experience. The school is a great school with a great staff who actually seems to care about you, your education, and your career. The top reason that I recommend Spalding University to people looking to further their education is the AAP (Adult Accelerated Program) it allows you to earn a degree while navigating life.

Anonymous, Student, Spalding University, Class of 2018

Type 3 reasons why someone should attend Spalding University is because it is a great format to have on record. With the adult acceleration program and all the other programs that follow this school is perfect for the unpredictable schedule that we all may encounter. Spalding University is also have small class sizes so you feel more at ease with the one on one u may not receive at other universities

Anonymous, Student, Spalding University, Class of 2016

-The class sizes are almost always smaller than the national average, which makes for the student to teacher ratio more preferable and intimate. -The faculty and staff are always friendly and helpful. -There is a small community like feel to the campus because of its size and small student body population.

Anonymous, Student, Spalding University, Class of 2017

Spalding University and a highly diversified school that promotes a respective, and accepting atmosphere. The classes are relatively small which offer more one on one learning for students. This provides greater opportunity for advancement in difficult studies. Personally, one of my favorite parts attending this school through the Kentucky School of Art, first art school in Kentucky, is the sessions the schedule is formatted into. Oh, and did I mention KSA (Kentucky School of Art), is an art school connected to Spalding University?

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